Round-Up 80 Ranch
For Sale
$16,350,000 CDN

7500 Acre Ranch located on the Eastern Slope of the Rockies in Southern Alberta.

The offering of the Round-Up 80 Ranch for sale provides buyers the opportunity to purchase one of the few ranching “jewels” of the Porcupine Hills. The ranch includes approximately 7,510 acres of which about 6,230 acres are deeded and 1,280 acres are grazing lease. Situated on the East slope of the Porcupine Hills, 12 miles West-Southwest of the town of Granum, the ranch offers some of the best remaining native Rough Fescue/Parry’s Oatgrass range in North America. Elevation levels, which vary from 4000 feet to 4600 feet, along with land parcels grouped together in one block, make this ranch a must see for those who are interested in owning and preserving eastern slopes property.

Carrying Capacity

The ranch provides sufficient forage on a consistent basis to support 7500 AUMs. An AUM is the amount of forage required for a cow/calf pair for one month.


Approximately 700 acres of the ranch was cultivated at one time. Portions of this area were seeded to tame pasture in 1975 with the balance seeded in 1982. Approximately 6,800 acres of the ranch is native grass which consists of rough fescue, parry’s oatgrass, and western wheat grass. Productivity is normally 2,000 to 2,600 lbs per acre.

The property includes a full set of ranch buildings including a 22 year old home with approximately 2,940 sq ft of finished area plus an attached 2 car garage, a second house, heated shop, horse barn, calving barn, open front shed, quonset, corrals, etc. The buildings are described in more detail in the attached Schedules.


The present day building site was first owned by the Baird brothers in 1901. Land surrounding the Baird homestead was further acquired by the enterprising brothers and developed into what became known as Round-Up Ranch. From 1901 to 1921, the ranch house was also the local post office, appropriately named Round-Up, and halfway house for some 50 people in the surrounding area that came for their mail. The ranch was purchased in 1980 by the Ward family. Management of the ranch consists of Norm and Donna and their son Neil, who is a fifth generation Alberta rancher.

Deeded Lands containing approximately 6232.41 acres

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